Credit Cards With Zero Interest

Top 5 Credit Cards with Zero Interest

Why you need a Credit Card with Zero Interest:

If you are a regular user of a credit card you need to analyze all the various credit cards offered before you purchase one.  Having a zero interest rate is one of the best  way to save money. This is valid for transactions that apply for purchases, balance transfers as well as for both of the combined. These cards come very often if you need to clear a debt of another card using a different card. In this section we have taken a look at the top 5 credit cards with zero interest.

Top 5 Credit Cards with zero Interest:

  1. Chase

credit cards with zero interestChase has some of the best offers with an introductory offer of 0% transaction fee. This offer is valid for the first 15 months. They also offer free transfer within the first 60 days of opening the account. After this period you will have to pay 3% fees.

  1. Citi

This is another good credit card with zero interest for a period of 21 months. You are given a period of 4 months before they start charging you a fee of 3% for every transfer you make.

  1. Discover

The Discover card comes with a 0% balance transfer for the first 14 months of your account opening. Later on you will have to pay a fee of 3% for every transfer you make. This credit card with zero interest will offer you a 5% rebate on your purchases. After the completion of the 14 month period you will have to pay interest rates from 11-23% based on your credit worthiness.

  1. Capital One

If you are looking for better offers on your credit card with zero interest, Capital One will surely amaze you. This card has a zero interest for a period of 15 months.  They do not have any annual fees and charge you 3% after the period expires. The rate of interest will range from 11-20% depending upon your credit score. You can track your accounts using the credit tracker and monitor all your transactions.

  1. S Bank

The US Bank credit card also has similar features like credit card with zero interest , 0% balance transfers  and a period of 9-12 months for this feature to expire. The APR rates are 12-22% depending on your credit history which is a bit higher than other banks. You are entitled to myriad opportunities of reward points.

Conclusion on credit cards with zero interest:

This is a comprehensive list of the credit cards with zero interest rates. You need to choose wisely before purchasing any of them. Based on the perks you are getting, narrow down your options while choosing a credit card. One of the most important rule of using credit credit cards with zero interestcards is to use them wisely. Making large payments through the card is not advised. Relentless spending should also be limited to cash and not credit. The advantage of using a credit card is to increase your credit history.