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Zero Interest Credit Cards

About Zero Interest Credit Cards:

There are many credit cards available in the market. But if you are planning to save more money on your purchases, you need to look into the zero interest credit cards since you will save more money. This credit card comes handy if you are keeping a remainder balance to be paid later on. These zero interest credit cards come with a validation period and you need to look out for the APR rates after this introductory offer is over. This period lasts for around 9-15 months.

Banks that offer Zero Interest Credit Cards:

  1. Capital One Platinum Prestige

Interest Credit CardsThey offer a zero interest credit card for the first 15 months of account opening. There is zero interest on balance transfers as well as foreign transfer. Along with these benefits they do not have an annual fee too. But incase you make a late payment, a fine of 35$ will be imposed on you along with the curtailment of your privileges.

  1. Slate

You will not be charged any fees, APR or interest for the first 15 months of use of this zero interest credit cards. There is a gradual increase in the APR that starts from 13% onwards. No annual fees are charged for the first 60 days of your account opening. After the completion of the 15 months, an APR rate of 13% will be imposed on your transactions. The foreign transactions will have a rate of 3%. Along with the card, you will be provided a set of tools to help you manage and monitor your account.

  1. Discover It

This card also comes with an introductory offer of zero APR for the first 14 months of your account opening. They do not charge you an annual fee too and a balance transfer rate of 3%. A fine of 35$ will be imposed on you if you make late payments that include stripping you of your privileges.  One of the benefits of using this card rather than other cards is that you have the privilege of earning upto 5% cash backs on your purchases.

  1. Barclaycard Ring Master

They have a higher APR rate of 8% on all the transactions you make. Along with this there is no additional annual fee along with no balance transfer fee or overlimit fee. You will be slapped a fine of 25$ for late payments. One of the biggest advantages of this cards is that you can share your ideas with the community members who can take a vote on the subject.

These were the best zero interest credit cards that you can avail for your use.

How to raise your credit score using zero interest credit cards:

Your credit score is a number that will reflect your creditability as a borrower. A credit score of around 600 is good enough to get you some of the best loan opportunities. If you are planning to get a good credit score, make sure that you pay the complete amount in on time. Banks are willing to lend money to people who have a good track record. If you plan to create a good track record make sure that you make your payments on a monthly basis rather than on a yearly basis. This way your credit history will updated every month rather than a year. Also make sure that you keep your accounts open. If you continuously hop from one account to another, you will end up with a bad reputation and you may be stripped of your privileges that include zero interest credit cards as well as a low credit score.

Making credit card transfers using zero interest credit cards:

One of the most popular benefit of using a credit card is that you make transfers from one bank account to another without worry. A zero interest credit card is the best way to make this payments since there is no fee for the transfer. Since there is a validity period of 9-12 months on this, you need to make all your payments during this time to ensure that you get the transfers for zero interest. These transfers will help you lift the burden from your shoulders or repayment with interest.

Zero Interest Credit Cards for businesses:

These cards are handed over to businesses who have registered the name of the business. You are entitled to get a business credit card if you have a better credit score. There are zero interest credit cards that can be used for businesses.  You are entitled to higher credit limit, better royalty points as well as other incentives if you choose to have a business credit card. Chase and Citi provide some of the best credit cards for businesses that have a low APR rate. Let us take a look at the advantages of using a business credit card.

Credit Rating Boost with Business Credit Cards:

If you are using a business credit card and have a functional account that goes through various transfers regularly, you are implying that your credit score is improving along with the stability or rise in the business. This makes your credibility more poignant, which will entice banks to give you more loans. Make sure to take advantage of this fact and create a better credit score with zero interest credit cards.

High Credit Limit with Zero Interest Credit Cards for businesses:

There will be a high credit limit for your spending since this is a credit card for businesses.  Make sure that you keep a check on your spending. A zero interest credit card is the best way to monitor your spending for the employees. It will give them a clear measure of how much you spend per month.  Also using zero interest Interest Credit Cardscredit cards will help your business get perks that include reward points along with cash backs for large purchases.

These are some of the reasons why you need to purchase a business credit card for your business growth.